What is it?

An escape room is a game where you are physically locked in a room. The goal is to escape by solving puzzles. You are usually given an hour for this. The game is so challenging that only a small fraction of all groups escape without help.

By working well together you increase the chance of escaping, because you reach a solution faster through consultation.

What makes it unique?

The escape room, unlike most outings, is a thinking game. However, due to the challenge of the puzzles, the ticking time and the exciting music, it feels like you’re on a rollercoaster.

During the game you are thrown back and forth between emotions. Stress, joy, defeat, euphoria: you experience it all! You are physically present in a story, so you completely forget your normal life.

How did it begin?

People used to rely on stories to escape reality. These were later written down in books. It only became interactive with the arrival of the computer.

Escape room-style games have been around since the invention of the computer. First as text based games, later also graphically, online and nowadays even in the form of apps.

The next step was to be physically involved in the game and that’s where the escape rooms come in. The first opened in Japan in 2007. The concept is now all the rage worldwide.