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Frequently asked questions

To make sure everything runs smoothly, we ask to be present fifteen minutes before the start of the game. We use this time to provide information and you can still store certain items in one of our lockers.

Although all games are themed, the intention is not to frighten you. Moreover, it is not claustrophobic. Anyone who gets too stuffy can always leave the game. Cameras are provided in every game to ensure your safety.

The purpose of an escape room is to escape within an hour. After an hour, the game is therefore stopped. Afterwards there is of course also room for discussion, possibly with a drink.

You can move your reservation free of charge to another date and / or time. Please contact us by telephone or by e-mail. You can also cancel your reservation free of charge up to 2 days before your reservation. In case of a no show, so no showing up and not notifying, we are entitled to 50% v.d. total amount of the game to be charged.

Experience is not necessary and each individual has his own specific characteristics, capacities and personality, absolutely his own input and added value in our games. That is why teamwork is so important! If you really can’t get it together and get stuck in the dark for too long, our Game Masters are always ready to give you a tip at your request, which will put you (back) on the right path. We will of course keep track of the number of tips for your final score. And don’t forget: even if you fail to reach the finish line within 60 minutes, you can still have a lot of fun… and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

No, this is strictly prohibited! You will have to find the way out together with your teammates! The Game Masters are of course always ready to help you, but you cannot consult “external sources”. At the start of the games, we will pay extra attention that no mobile phones, smartphones, tablets or other means of communication are taken into the escape rooms. After all, these belong in the lockers made available free of charge. In order to keep our games attractive and challenging for other, future “Players”, it is furthermore forbidden to capture any images of our games and / or to make them public. Our games are copyrighted. So we count on your fair play and respect for yourself and for all other players.

Only payable in cash.

There is no private parking available. Several public car parks are available nearby.

Please also take into account that we are located in the center of Hasselt, it is best to park at the Molenpoort.

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